Tribal Council

Tribal Council exercises the inherent sovereign power of the Tribe by implementing ordinances and adopting resolutions consistent with the Constitution to govern the conduct of the members and other persons within tribal jurisdiction. Promoting, protecting and providing for the public health, safety and welfare of the Tribe and its members. They provide tribal jurisdiction over Indian Child Welfare matters, and other domestic matters. Authorize and ratify agreements and contracts negotiated with federal, state, local and tribal governments or their departments, or with private persons on matters that have been approved by the General Council. Purchase, lease, take by gift, devise or bequest, or otherwise acquire land, interests in land, personal property or other assets which may be deemed necessary to the Tribe where acquiring such assets. Approve or veto any sale, disposition, lease or encumbrance of tribal land, interests in land, personal property or other asset where the disposition of such an interest in land or property. Create, pursuant to an ordinance, commissions or other organizations which may exercise specific delegated authority to manage the affairs and enterprises of the Tribe. Establish rules and procedures to regulate all meetings of the Tribal Council, committees and other regulatory commissions created by ordinance. Establish a tribal court or other dispute resolution forum. Create an annual budget for the approval of the General Council, manage any funds within the exclusive control of the Tribe and to appropriate these funds for the benefit of the Tribe and its members, levy taxes and assessments, and borrow money for public purposes; and to take action not inconsistent with this Constitution or Federal law, which shall be necessary to carry out the sovereign legislative powers of the Tribe.

The Middletown Rancheria of Pomo Indians of California Tribal Council is ultimately under the direction of the general membership. General Council is responsible for electing officials, adopting codes and ordinances and to provide general input in the public meetings. The elected officials comprise the Middletown Rancheria of Pomo Indians of California Tribal Council provide oversight of the enterprises of the Tribe and administration of the Tribal Government.

Tribal Council Officials:

 Picture_Jose Simon III

Tribal Chairman:

Jose Simon III,

Elected June 2015 – June 2018

Jose Simon III was born and raised in Middletown, California. Mr. Simon returns as the current Tribal Chairman and previously served in the position of Tribal Chairman of Middletown Rancheria for 12 years. His responsibilities include leading and representing the Middletown Rancheria in all major decisions directly involving all entities of the Tribe, which include but are not limited to overseeing all Tribal Government Operations. As the Chairman, he oversaw all aspects of construction of a new 15,000 square foot gaming facility and during his recent time off as Chairman, worked in the maintenance department of the Twin Pine Casino & Hotel. On behalf of the Tribe, Mr. Simon also negotiated with the State of California and acquired the gaming compact for the Middletown Rancheria. He assisted to acquire the Mount St. Helena Brewing Co., an off Reservation business, as the Tribe’s first Economic Development venture, and helped negotiate to close the deal for the $47.5 million to build and construct the new Twin Pine Casino & Hotel gaming facility, which was completed in 2009. Mr. Simon brings to the Tribe a substantial amount of knowledge and passion. As an avid sports fan and former professional football player with the NFL Indianapolis Colts, AFL Arizona Rattlers, WFL Barcelona Dragons in Spain and Scottish Claymores in Scotland as World Champions, he also attended Butte College and Texas A&M. He volunteers at the local high school as the defensive coach for the varsity football team. Mr. Simon lives on the reservation with his wife and son, and recently became a grandfather.


Tribal Vice-Chairwoman

Sally Peterson

Elected 2014 – 2017

Sally R. Peterson is in her fifth term on the Tribal Council and served as Tribal Treasurer prior to becoming Vice-Chairwoman. Ms. Peterson brings a wide-ranging professional background to her position, with experience in property management, human resources management, capital and operational budgeting, financial management and tourism. She worked for fifteen (15) years on the beaches of Panama City Beach as a Certified Association Manager with the State of Florida. After relocating from Florida, Ms. Peterson initially worked for the Tribe as a staff accountant and was influential in reorganizing the Tribal Government’s accounting department. As a Tribal Member, she participated in the creation of the Tribe’s Constitution in 2005. While serving as Tribal Treasurer from 2005 to 2011, Ms. Peterson was instrumental in acquiring a $47.5 million bank participation loan for the expansion of the Tribe’s casino facility in 2007 and actively contributed throughout the construction phase of the project, including the transition into the new casino and hotel. Ms. Peterson holds college degrees in Business Administration and Accounting. She has previously volunteered as a Tribal Delegate for the Lake County Tribal Health Consortium and for the Lake County Tribal Education Center. She currently volunteers for the Tribe’s Economic Development Committee and the Tribal Tax Authority. Ms. Peterson is a single mother of two sons and resides in Hidden Valley Lake, near Middletown.

Pam Edit

Tribal Secretary

Pamela Reyes-Gutierrez

Elected June 2015 – June 2018

Pamela Reyes-Gutierrez has served as an elected Tribal Council Official consecutively for fifteen (15) years since October of 1998 as Tribal Vice-Chairperson and Tribal Secretary. Ms. Reyes-Gutierrez is a Lake Miwok descendant. Her mother is Esther (Sebastian) Silvas (Reyes, Pinola) who was born on the Middletown Rancheria. She instilled the value of Tribal Tradition, Culture and Politics, with the importance to advancing the Tribe and maintaining the inherent Sovereignty and customs and traditions of our People. Her mother served the Tribe in various positions, including Tribal Council Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Business Committee, which contributes to Ms. Reyes-Gutierrez’s attributes and abilities as a Tribal Leader. Previously, Ms. Reyes-Gutierrez has worked for the Elem Indian Colony, a tribal entity and the National Indian Justice Center. Her experience in these positions gained her a wide working knowledge of the Tribal Government and Twin Pine Casino & Hotel. She possesses a total of eighteen (18) years of casino gaming experience, both as a Tribal Council Official and previous casino employee as the Office Manager and assisted in the departments of Slot, Drop Team, Marketing & Promotions, Café and Game Room for kids. She participated in the negotiations for our current 1999 Gaming Compact with the State of California and the transition from a modular building into a tent sprung structure for our gaming operations. She was heavily involved in obtaining $47.5 million financing for the first permanent phase of Twin Pine Casino & Hotel and the transition into the permanent gaming facility. Her responsibilities as a Tribal Council Official include; overseeing Twin Pine Casino & Hotel and Mount St. Helena Brewing Company, as well as all Tribal Government Operations. As the Tribal Council Secretary all Tribal Government administrative responsibilities include but not limited to General Council membership, ordinances, resolutions, meeting minutes etc. Ms. Reyes-Gutierrez is the proud mother of four (4) children and two (2) grandchildren and lives with her husband in Hidden Valley Lake, near Middletown.

Paual 2

Tribal Treasurer

Paula Beltran

Elected 2014 – 2017

Paula Vasquez Beltran is a Tribal Member of Middletown Rancheria. Her mother is Pauline (Sebastian) Silvas (Galupe, Vasquez) who was born on the Middletown Rancheria and had also served on the Tribal Council, which gave Ms. Beltran unique knowledge of tribal government at an early age. While Ms. Beltran is currently elected as Tribal Council Treasurer, she has acquired numerous years of experience and education while serving the Tribe in various intervals as the Tribal Council Vice-Chairwoman, Secretary, Treasurer and a Gaming Commissioner. Ms. Beltran was also employed by the Tribe’s Consortium as an Indian Child Welfare Advocate Program Manager. She most recently re-entered the work force and took the opportunity to work for Twin Pine Casino & Hotel’s Guest Service department in February 2011 whereby enhancing her knowledge of the gaming industry and the intricate workings of the casino facility. She also holds a Bachelor of Art degree in Psychology, with a Minor in Ethnic Studies, from Sonoma State University California. Ms. Beltran resides in Santa Rosa, California, with her husband and their four (4) daughters.


Tribal Representative

Carlos Negrete

Elected June 2015 – June 2018

Carlos Negrete is serving his second term on the Tribal Council. In his first term, the Council was successful in a $35mm refinancing of the Tribes debt. His proudest achievements from his time on Council are paving the Rancherias roads, land acquisition, and the Tribes role in response and recovery during the Valley Fire. Carlos was previously a Board Member, then President, of the Callayomi County Water District. He also serves as the current Chair of the Democratic Party of Lake County, delegate to the CDP Executive Board, and member of the Native American Caucus. His focus as a Council member is day to day government administration, emergency management/safety, education, and economic development. He hopes to serve another term to complete the housing projects and development of the volunteer fire department.

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