History & Culture

Establishment of the Tribe

The Middletown Rancheria of Pomo Indians of California (the “Tribe”) was established with the purchase of one hundred eight (108) acres of land, initiated by members of the small Tribe in July of 1910. The Tribe was appropriated by the Congressional Act for California landless Indians in 1906. The original ancestors of the Middletown Rancheria, also known as Lake Miwok Indians, found themselves landless and homeless during the 1800’s, and new corners settled in the area of Middletown and throughout Lake County.

With the establishment of the Middletown Rancheria at the turn of the century, members of other Tribal groups, such as Pomo, Wappo and Wintun joined with the People of the Tribe, either through marriage or customary adoption. The native language of the Tribe is Lake Miwok. The original five (5) families comprises the present Tribal Membership of one hundred eighteen (118) recognized adult Tribal Members, which is the General Council, and eighty-three (83) recognized Tribal minor children. The Middletown Rancheria’s entire membership is two hundred-one (201) Tribal Members. There are approximately twenty-five (25) families that reside on the Rancheria and Tribal Members reside in Middletown the Lake County area, throughout California, and various states across the United States.

Federal Recognition of the Tribe

Middletown Rancheria is federally recognized by the Department of Secretary of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Tribe is a Nation within the United States of America and is on the same level of government status as the State. The Tribe is self-governed by its inherent Sovereignty and exercises its powers in order to organize for the common good, to govern ourselves pursuant to our own laws, to preserve and protect our common and natural resources and to provide for the welfare and prosperity of our “People”. The Tribe has an adopted Constitution, which provides for the basis of all governing laws created by the Tribe. Ordinances are governing laws created and established by the Tribe such as, Gaming Ordinance, Election Procedures & Ordinance, Tribal Tax Code, Water Quality, etc.

General Council Tribal Membership

The General Council is comprised of the adult Tribal Membership, who are eighteen (18) years of age and older. The General Council conducts duly called monthly meetings to review all reporting and business of the Tribe. The General Council reserves all rights to enter the Tribe into financial obligations and/or economic development on behalf of the Tribe.

Tribal Council Elected Officials

The General Council elects Tribal Council Officials pursuant to the Election Procedures & Ordinance. Tribal Council Officials consist of five (5) elected officials voted into office by the adult Tribal Membership. Tribal Council oversees all Tribal Government day-to-day business on behalf of the Tribe.

Middletown Satellite Medical Clinic – (Lake County Tribal Health Consortium, Inc.)

The Tribe opened its first medical Satellite Clinic on September 2011 in conjunction with Lake County Tribal Health Consortium, Inc. The Satellite Clinic is open twice a month with the capability of up to ten (10) appointments per day. The Satellite Clinic provides health care with a physician, nurse and receptionist. Medications are delivered to the Rancheria for Tribal Members and community members that utilize this facility. The Satellite Clinic also provides Diabetic Classes on a weekly basis. The Satellite Clinic is open to Middletown Rancheria Tribal Members, Native American, and Non-Native People.